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The most innovative, realistic, and engaging management simulation game - ever!



Restaurant Bigwig is the first in a series of Bigwig Games, each based on actual industry data and dynamics. Together they will cover a huge range of industries.


In this first game, you can open one or more restaurants, decide whether to focus on Fast Food, Family Dining, or Fine Dining with your choice of cuisines from Asian to Mexican. Hire chefs and managers, pick the best locations!


A few of the resources available to you as restaurateur


Will you win the best restaurant award from Restaurant Times?


Bigwig Games’ secret and unique ingredient is a lifetime of studying businesses. Our founder and lead game developer, Gary Hoover, started making games like this at age 13:


Gary's realistic department store board game from about 1965.


Gary went on to found multiple companies, including Hoover’s, which covers every industry on earth at (now part of Dun & Bradstreet). He now teaches entrepreneurship and business around the world.


And to top it all off, YOU can join in Gary's next venture, by experiencing and celebrating the joys of business, growth and prosperity right alongside him. Go ahead, submit your email below, and be among the first bigwigs in your hometown!


“I got up one morning and started playing Restaurant Bigwig on my iPad, and I got so engaged that I did not get to work until 5AM!”
– John D. Rockefeller


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