Restaurant Bigwig Rules


Welcome to Restaurant Bigwig, the real restaurant industry simulation and strategy game!

You are going to open restaurants and add resources to them (staffing, marketing, efficiency programs). The highest Annual Profit at the end of year 20 wins the game, although you can also play 40 or 60 years if you want.

You may play up to five other people on a shared iPad, or you can play up to four artificial intelligence "bots" of different skill levels, or any combination of people and bots.

Your financial results are based on real data and dynamics of the restaurant industry.

At the start you will be randomly “dealt” 7 operations resources on the lower left of the screen and 7 expansion opportunities on the lower right of the screen. These will enable you to open your first restaurant.

Restaurant Bigwig Game Board

To launch a new restaurant, you need 3 expansion opportunities: a Location (3 is better than 1 or 2), a Type (Fast Food, Family Dining, or Fine Dining), and a Cuisine, such as Mexican or Italian.

Restaurant Bigwig Open New Restaurant

Each restaurant Type requires different resources (Food Quality, Service, Efficiency) to open, as shown on the screen. Fine Dining for example requires two Food Quality “cards” (of any point value, usually 1, 2, or 3) and one Service card, while Fast Food requires two Efficiency cards and one Food Quality card. You may open new restaurants at any time if you have the right combination of resources. Each restaurant has an investment cost that is marked on the type and location cards. This amount is taken out of your cash balance.

Once you have Location, Type, and Cuisine, you then staff it and support it with FQ = Food Quality and SV = Service, which you can continue to add to the restaurant and will increase your revenues (and profits) until your restaurant reaches capacity or “maturity” at which point the revenue growth of that restaurant will slow and eventually stop, despite increases in FQ and SV. You may also add M = Marketing campaigns, which have a short-term impact on revenues.

The EFF = Efficiency cards (like new inventory control systems) have no impact on revenues but lower your expenses, hence raising profits, even at older, mature restaurants.

As you build more restaurants, they will do better if you are consistent, although that may be hard to achieve depending on the cards you draw. In other words, if you open all Italian you will do better than if you open a wide range of cuisines. If you open all Fast Food, you will do better than bouncing around.

You may play or discard resources and opportunities, or hold them in your “hand” for future use. In order to undo a card that you have played, tap the card once and it will return to your “hand.”

If you discard any cards, the other players can use them via the “recycle” feature.

You can also trade in cards at any time – hit the “trade resources” button on the left side, and then drag any 4 operations cards or any 4 expansion cards (but not a combination of the two types) to the trade area. Hit the trade button in that area, and you will see the next 7 cards of that type from the “deck.” You can take any two, drag them left, and then seal the deal. So you give up 4 cards to get 2, it is “expensive” but maybe worth it if you are desperate for a certain type of card!

Restaurant Bigwig Resource Trading

Once you are operating multiple profitable restaurants, you will begin to receive bonus operations cards, more than the 7 you started with, and can apply more of them on your growing organization.

All results are reported in Restaurant Times, our newspaper. You can look through the archives, save copies, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The newspaper also contains the latest news – did you win an award for best service or food? Did you fail a health inspection or get a great review?

Restaurant Bigwig Newspaper

To see your status, compare the positions of others, look at history and your prior moves, tap your face in the top right corner of your playing board. Tap that to open up a new panel with the scoring information, including summaries for your company, and data by restaurant if you click the restaurant picture. Scroll through the years to see them all. Tap the top left to return to the main playing surface.

Restaurant Bigwig Ledger

We encourage your feedback. The easiest way is through the contact us button in Settings.

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